Mysson Downs- Celebrate by Daara J Family


Daara J means “the school” in Wolof. Their music is influence by hip hop, Afro-Cuban rhythms, reggae and they also perform in English, French, Spanish, and Wolof.

Celebrate by Daara J Family   <— Click for Video

As I listen to the song celebrate by Daara J Family I started immediately shaking my head but, not in a bad way. I nodded my head up-and-down as the beat went on. The song is very inspirational and uplifting. Then as a song started playing I started to realize it kind of reminded me of the happy song by Pharrell. It’s like an African version. The song is about celebrating life love and happiness. I feel like the message they were trying to put out is life is too short for negativity. Be happy who you are and not hate other people for the color of the skin what they do or for how they are. The song also builds confidence whether you’re black white blue yellow it doesn’t matter what color you are celebrating life. In the song they refer to gangsters one thing they said in the song was “Do us a favor Mr. gangster drop your gun and knife” that quote shows the message that they are trying to preach out. In the video it shows people dancing, the artist playing a instrument and everyone well dressed. I like this song a lot there’s nothing more that I feel that they couldn’t do better. The key of the song is to get you to listen to it in for your mind. But the only thing that I feel they could have been better with getting the message across was with the visuals in the video of the song. There should have been more scenes describing what they were talking about. Showing just more than dark complexion people showing all types of people from all types of descents.